A Womb of My Own (Mistakes Were Made in Development), #11

A Womb of My Own (Mistakes Were Made in Development), #11


Artist: Hernease Davis (NFAR)

Hernease Davis Artist Statement:

A Womb of My Own (Mistakes Were Made in Development), began as a way of confronting the question, “What if I could start all over again?” In acknowledging that time travel is still yet impossible, and that physical laws do not allow one to birth oneself, I decided to get as close as I could by creating. This series includes methods and materials I use on a daily basis to cope with stress, anxiety and depression. I have always found mental relief in musical texture, the repetition in crochet, and the analog photographic process. Through self-portrait photograms, crochet, performance and sound, I am creating an interior empathic practice where I can connect with and care for myself.

“Womb” speaks to my own specific nurturing environment where I am giving myself room for growth. The "rebirth", or my own self-discovery and self-nurturing, is a continuous learning experience— an out-of-body observation of how I am changing and healing. Each element in this ongoing series is made in a way that is growing in consciousness with my needs. As it is exhibited, I am hoping to use what I make to create open spaces that also welcome in others.

Dimensions: 65” height, Width Varies

Medium: Silver Gelatin Photograms {7)


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